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Indicated to lighten the color of our teeth, darkened by the passage of time or by the consumption of substances such as coffee, tea, tobacco or red wine. With teeth whitening it is possible to achieve the natural and original color of the smile, so the result is different for each person. In any case, it is always possible to improve the appearance of the smile, thus achieving a brighter and more luminous result.

What does Dental Whitening consist of?

The first thing is to determine the color of the patient’s teeth at the time of wanting to whiten in order to determine how many shades can be lightened. The material used is hydrogen peroxide to oxygenate the surface of the enamel, which becomes more porous so that the gel penetrates better and can lighten the shade.

Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening

Although this treatment does not present, in general, major contraindications, some of them must be taken into account. For example, bleaching is not recommended for people in certain situations: pregnant or lactating women, people under 18 years of age, periodontal diseases, cavities, fissures, use of medicines to combat iron deficiency, etc.

As long as there is no other contraindication that discourages it, whitening can be carried out on anyone over 18 years of age.
This is because the teeth of younger patients are still in the development phase, so treatment is not recommended.

During the time that the treatment lasts, about a month, it is important to reduce or avoid the intake of colored foods. For example: coffee, tea, red or rosé wine, tomato, Modena vinegar, beetroot, cherries, blackberries, raspberries, spinach, dark or milk chocolate…
In the same way, it is recommended not to smoke, or reduce the habit as much as possible, during the time the treatment lasts.

Some patients perceive an increase in dental sensitivity during the time that the treatment lasts. If this happens to you, we advise you to talk to the professional who is carrying out the treatment. However, this should not be a cause for concern as such sensitivity is temporary and goes away once the treatment is over.

Although there are some teeth that respond better to whitening treatment – it depends mainly on their porosity and the cause of the color change – in general, remarkable results can be achieved in any patient.


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