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What is dental cleaning?

Dental cleaning is the most accurate method to prevent the appearance of different oral pathologies such as caries or periodontal diseases.

It is a treatment that helps maintain the good health of our mouth. Its importance lies in the fact that during daily hygiene we cannot eliminate all the remains of food that tend to accumulate in areas that are less accessible to the brush, such as molars or interdental spaces.

What does dental cleaning consist of? ​

If your teeth have dental stains caused by the intake of coffee or tea, by tobacco abuse, or even if you have a tendency to develop dental pathologies; Thanks to this cleaning you will reduce the risk of suffering from them and will reduce the presence of those unsightly stains.

If you wear orthodontics, this cleaning will help you remove food remains, as well as orthodontic glue, and will even help you prepare the tooth surface before placing the brackets.

Consequences of poor oral hygiene

Frequently asked questions about dental cleaning

In certain steps of the cleaning, some people may feel discomfort. Although the perception of discomfort or pain is very personal and varies depending on the patient, the most common is that the procedure is not painful.
However, if professional cleanings cause you pain, it is also possible to numb the area using a local anesthetic.

Since we finished our hygiene process with fluoride, it is recommended not to eat or drink anything for an hour after the appointment. This is so that fluoride can have its effect: protect the tooth against the action of bacteria and, therefore, cavities.

Since the state of health and oral hygiene is different depending on each patient, the recommended frequency cannot be the same either. However, the most common pattern is between one and two professional cleanings per year.

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