What is teeth whitening and when to do it?

Whitening is a clinical and outpatient procedure that is performed to improve the color or tones of the enamel, achieving a lighter and more beautiful color, which will improve the patient’s self-esteem.

Many men or women are embarrassed to smile because they have brown spots, teeth of different shades and even teeth that have a dirty appearance, this causes complexes and lack of security when socializing. To restore confidence to our patients we perform this safe and predictable procedure. It consists of applying a gel on the surface of the enamel, this gel is generally a peroxide, which will penetrate and remove the stains, returning to the original color or several shades lighter and more beautiful. Enamel in its healthy state is very beautiful and is part of the beauty of being human.

Why does the enamel of our teeth darken?

Enamel darkens due to prolonged exposure to tannins, which are those stain-producing molecules found in tobacco, coffee, wine, and many foods. If the enamel is healthy it should not stain as much, but when it has cracks, erosion, fractures, it stains faster and it is more difficult to remove the stains. Also blows to the teeth, poorly performed endodontic treatments can internally pigment the tooth, which will be noticed as a dark or black color. Amalgam restorations can permanently stain the enamel.

Can Teeth Whitening damage teeth?

It is a predictable and safe treatment in the hands of a trained, ethical and professional dentist. The patient should first be evaluated if he is a candidate for tooth whitening, since it is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity, congenital loss of enamel, patients with enamel fractures, among others. There are several types of whitening, we will recommend the one that suits you best and the one that gives the best results for your specific case.


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At what age is tooth whitening recommended?

It is recommended in adult patients.

If I have an artificial tooth, can I have whitening?

Whitening will only work on natural teeth, so it is recommended to do so before placing artificial teeth.

If I am pregnant, can I have teeth whitening and other dental procedures?

Pregnant women should preferably avoid all chemicals, anesthetics, and procedures during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Only in cases of great pain or emergencies such as a tooth infection, fracture with nerve compromise, can risk benefit be assessed, where the corresponding treatment will be carried out, always in communication with your treating physician.

Wearing a whiter, more attractive and healthier smile is possible, this is a painless, effective treatment that is widely accepted by our clients. Do not hesitate to contact our dental clinic if you want us to clarify any doubts or want to have teeth whitening.

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Dr. Ernesto Herrera

Dr. Ernesto Herrera

Co-founder of Herrera Plasencia Dental Clinic. Dentist specialized in Oral Rehabilitation and Implantology with more than 10 years of experience. Passionate about the design of digital smiles, dental prostheses and implants. Dental Photographer by Hobbie and dentist with a high focus on patient care and satisfaction.


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