Should you get your teeth cleaned regularly?

It is recommended to visit the dentist for a dental cleaning every 6 months, to prevent cavities, clean the teeth of stains, tartar or tartar as it is popularly known, which are calcifications resulting from an accumulation of food debris, bacterial plaque and mineral salts. If the tartar is not removed, it can cause gingivitis or gum inflammation that causes bleeding and later evolve into something more serious such as periodontitis (not all gingivitis becomes periodontitis). It is important that the dentist recommends an appropriate brushing technique, use of dental floss and other recommendations depending on the case.

The current diet of the industrialized society contains many sugars, saturated fats, acids and chemicals that affect the enamel (outer covering of the teeth) causing damage such as erosion, these damages can be identified when a cleaning is done, the patient will be recommended to change certain harmful food products and incorporate cleaning techniques to prevent damage, remember to prevent is cheaper than to cure, that is the importance of cleaning teeth every 6 months.

Mouth problems, such as tartar, cavities or gum disease, have a common prevalence among the population. This means that it is absolutely normal to suffer from these problems at some point, so acting in the sense of prevention is the most appropriate.

If you consider dental cleaning an investment, you have to be sure that it will be absolutely profitable. You will avoid the presence of undesirable bacteria and you will be able to prevent undesirable diseases that a professional can routinely detect.

Finally, your appearance will also benefit, a detail that you should not underestimate. Who doesn’t like their teeth to look amazing?

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Dr. Ernesto Herrera

Dr. Ernesto Herrera

Co-founder of Herrera Plasencia Dental Clinic. Dentist specialized in Oral Rehabilitation and Implantology with more than 10 years of experience. Passionate about the design of digital smiles, dental prostheses and implants. Dental Photographer by Hobbie and dentist with a high focus on patient care and satisfaction.


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